Pool Protection Project (PPP)

About PPP

We have seen numerous cases of un-authorized BGP annoucements including announcements of IPv4 un-allocated spaces, and those announced IPv4 blocks are sometimes lisetd on blocking lists. Given the situation of IPv4 exhaustion, there is a risk that someone malicious abuses IPv4 free pool. To protect such IPv4 free spaces, we started a study of countermeasures and named the project 'PPP'.

JPNIC is the National Internet Registry of Japan. JPNIC started its business to distribute IP blocks in Japan before APNIC was established. That's why JPNIC holded own IPv4 free pools for distribution at that time, and still keeps some of them in stock. Those spaces are registered as 'allocated to JPNIC' at APNIC whois DB now. We suspect that malicious folks are not aware of the NIR scheme in AP region and misunderstand those free spaces as 'allocated to LIR' and not in use, as it's not advertised in the internet.

To prevent such un-authorized announcements, we decided to advertise the free spaces to the internet so that we can make those blocks look like in use. ;)


Number resources as of 2018/07/17
Originating AS#: AS2522
RPKI test from 2018/08/29 to 2019/07/17 was annoucend from AS15562 to study about RPKI validation status in the Internet. It seems there is no difference in validation between the RIR TALs except ARIN's.
IIJ/AS2497 provides transit for PPP-EXP/AS2522. aut-num and route objects are registered at JPIRR like this:
aut-num:        AS2522
as-name:        PPP-EXP
descr:          Japan Netowrk Information Center Pool Protection Project
                We are the one of National Internet Registry(NIR) in APNIC region.
                This ASN is now under JPNIC management and not distributing to
                any organization.
                We advertise some prefix from this ASN to check the quality of undisributed
                resources. If you have question about this advertisement,
                please check the following our project web page https://www.attn.jp/ppp/
                and feel free to contact us.
admin-c:        JP00163509
tech-c:         JP00163509
mnt-by:         MAINT-AS2522
source:         JPIRR
Nameservers for the reverse zones


This is a joint project by IIJ and JPNIC.

To contact the project, please send emails to ppp-exp at nic.ad.jp


Traffic to the PPP prefixes

DNS queries to reverse zones

Matsuzaki 'maz' Yoshinobu